Nature’s materic strength defines in a new surface, melting together tradition and modernity: Cotto. Borgonovo collection mixes substances such natural cotto with contemporary colors, to create a modern ceramic thanks to its colors, shapes and graphics adapted to modern design.

A mix of minimal textures makes each element unique and precious, and decors are of classical and heritage inspiration. Vintage and technology are combined together, giving life to product that lasts forever.

Borgonovo entrusts to 4 colors its style and expression: Cotto, Beige and Taupe are the warm colors, fulfilling atmospheres with intimacy and confidence. Antracite is last color, made of neutral shade, to supply environments with elegant minimalism.

Thanks to seizes 60×60, 20×40 and 20×20 all made in 8,5 mm and thanks to a surface enriched by a precious substance, Borgonovo is the ideal solution for both residential and commercial, indoor and outdoor because of R9 for size 60×60 and R10 for sizes 20×20 and 20×40.